Spring Arts Walk: Progression of the Species

What a busy, busy day for the Durant family. We kicked off our morning with swimming lessons. Amari loves to swim and he has been doing a great job going under the water. Now, he is working on going under the water and grabbing onto the edge of the pool instead of using his little forehead to stop himself. He truly is my little Pisces. He loves the water. Trevor didn't have to work today so he got to come and watch Amari swim for the first time. After swimming, we headed upstairs to the gym because the Y was hosting Healthy Kids Day. Amari got a new shirt (which he is swimming in) and a few fun trinkets for participating in the event. He enjoyed the bounce house  the most and I had the luxury of taking him inside it...twice! He insisted on it. :] After we finished with Healthy Kids Day we headed home for lunch and a quick nap before adventuring downtown for Arts Walk.
In the past, we have not really participated in the fall and spring Arts Walk. Arts Walk is a two day event in downtown Oly where local artists get to display their art work in restaurants and shops and the community gets to admire their work.The last time that Trevor and I went was when I was pregnant with Amari. I thought that it would be fun to let Amari experience it for the first time. In the spring, they have the annual Progression of the Species parade where community members get to dress up as animals and march in the parade. At first, Amari didn't know what the expect. He seemed...confused; for lack of better words, but once the parade started he was intrigued by the music and clapped along with the crowd by Daddy's side. He was most excited when he saw the Sun and the Moon floats. =] The cool thing about the parade is how creative everyone is with their costumes and floats. We saw some pretty cool floats. Two of our favorites were the T-Rex skeleton and the spider. We even saw a life-size Geoduck!
After the parade we headed down Franklin Street to the Bearded Lady for a tasty treat and watched the parade crowd disperse. Amari enjoyed digging in to Daddy's yummy sundae and even had a few bits of mine. We had dessert for dinner. ;D And it was delicious!


 A very packed 5th Avenue. 
 My boys.
 Thinking intently...

 T-Red skeleton.
 The Sun and Moon floats.
Amari's favorite by far.

 Mommy and Daddy's Zodiac sign. 
 Super massive Spider.
 Life-size Geoduck.

 Hanging at the Bearded Lady.
 Build your own sundae. 
Amari digging right in, LOL. Typical.
 Mommy's dinner.
Vegan peanut butter ice cream, chocolate fudge, brownies, frozen whip cream, and marshmallows.
Daddy's dinner.
Vegan espresso ice cream, caramel sauce, brownies, and bacon.

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