Happy Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with our family. We woke up bright and early on Easter morning and Amari was pleasantly surprised that the Easter Bunny left him a table full of goodies for him to enjoy. He was mostly geeked by the Elmo eggs filled with money instead of the basket full of goodies and sweets. He loves putting money in his piggy and proudly proclaims, "I did it," every time he makes a deposit. =D Amari and I got ready for church and took Trevor to work before we headed over for the Easter service at Calvary. The service and overall message was wonderful and my little man looked exceptionally handsome in his sweater and button-up shirt. I love Easter because it is such a joy to see all the little boys and girls dressed in their best Easter outfits. I look forward to it every year. After the service Amari and I headed home and had a quick lunch and a nap before heading over to Nana and Papa's for dinner with the family. I ended up bring along his basket, eggs, and a small basket for Trevor and was glad that I opted out of baking cookies earlier in the day. We had way too many goodies (lots of cakes!). :] Dinner was delicious as always; Betsy always does such a wonderful job when it comes to family meals. Amari had a blast spending time with his cousin and Auntie and even got a  visit from the Easter Bunny himself! He was thrilled. He loves the Easter Bunny and even two days after Easter he still asks to see the Bunny. Our holiday was a very simple one but very fun-filled and we spent it with the people we love. Happy Easter! 

 Table full of goodies.
 The boys.
Amari loves his Baylor.
 Handsome boy.
 Enjoying the sunshine and warmth with Auntie J.
 Egg hunting time.

 Another basket with more candy that he doesn't need, LOL.
 The Easter Bunny came and surprised him. =]
 Even Bay wanted a photo opt with the bunny.
Enjoying his Easter goodies with Dad.

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