Coloring Easter Eggs

Monday night we colored Easter eggs over at Papa and Nana's house with Gaga and GiGi after a delicious home cooked meal of lasagna and a mile and half walk around Ken Lake. Last Easter Amari didn't get to decorate Easter eggs and he was pretty ecstatic about coloring eggs with Grandma and his Auntie. He kept trying to drink the dye in the cups and the first egg that he colored was yellow. We took our time decorating the eggs and they turned out very well. Amari seemed to have more fun putting stickers on his face with Poppi than finishing decorating his first Easter eggs though. Easter is in a few short days and I am looking forward to spending the weekend with the family and seeing the surprise on Amari's sweet little face when he opens his plastic eggs on Saturday and Sunday. =]

Grammy preparing the dye for the eggs.
Amari decorating his first Easter egg.

Amari's pretty yellow and orange egg.

Ness coloring her eggs.

Amari helping Grammy with shrinking the plastic around the eggs.
Sticker time with Poppi!
The eggs! ;D
Sticker hoarder.
He insisted that Poppi put stickers on his forehead and nose, LOL.
Little goofball. =]

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