2 Year Check-up Out the Way at Last

Earlier this afternoon Amari had his two year wellness appointment with Dr. Larsen. He originally was supposed to have his appointment back in March but sadly Dr. Larsen came down with the flu and his appointment had to be rescheduled for today. I got of work early and headed to pick Amari up from daycare before we made our way out to Lacey for his appointment. We checked in and Amari kept talking to the fish in the lobby while we waited for the nurse. We ended up waiting longer than usual but Amari didn't seem to mind. It allowed me to fill out all the proper paperwork while he was entertained by fish. =) His appointment went very well seeing as Trev was at work and unable to help entertain him. We counted to ten, read a book, and Amari sang while we waited and waited for Dr. Larsen. It was good to see him when he finally entered the room. The last time that we had seen him was in August and he commented on how Amari keeps growing like a little weed. Amari is in the 90th percentile for his weight now and the 80th percentile for his height (looks like stinker is starting to slow down just a wee bit). I thought that he was due for shots but thankfully, he is up to date until his three year check-up next February. I'm glad that Amari is healthy and doing well, even though he did try to escape a few times during his appointment, LOL.

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