Shining My Pearly Whites: First Trip to the Dentist!

Yesterday afternoon Amari had his first dentist appointment at Cooper Point Dental. We picked him up from school a little early for his 12:30 appointment from daycare and handed him his toothbrush so he could brush his little baby teeth, of course, Amari brushed his teeth for about two seconds before deciding that  Ernie needed his teeth brushed instead. After brushing his teeth we headed inside the dentist office to wait for his first appointment. Amari seemed pretty relaxed in the waiting room and played with the toys that they had until being called to the back to get his teeth cleaned. The Dental Hygienist seemed very great with kids and Amari warmed up to her instantly, he even showed her how he brushes his little pearly whites at home. =] He was most intrigued by the the chair and when she showed him how it goes up-and-down he kept asking her over-and-over to do it again-and-again until Dr. Nguyen came over to count his teeth. Amari took on look at Dr. Nguyen and closed his little mouth tight. Trev had to coax Amari to open his mouth wide by saying, "Awe," for the doctor. He said that Amari's teeth look great and now we need to start teaching him how to floss his teeth, which could be fun right? I doubt that. He is going to fight us on this one. After his appointment he got to pick out a toy from the toy box and went home with a new Cars toothbrush, toothpaste, and his first box of floss. His next dentist appointment isn't until October. We got six months to teach him how to floss. Wish us luck, LOL! =D

Brushing his teeth in the car.

Sitting in the chair.
Teeth brushing time!
Going for a ride in the chair.
Had a great visit at the dentist!

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