Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Can't believe that we are more than halfway through the month of March. The spring equinox is in a few short days and I am more than thrilled about it too. St. Patrick's Day just happens to be another day for the Durant family even though I have a little bit of Irish blood running through my veins. My maiden name happens to be Irish after all. My unique cake recipe, (which I like to call my ethnic background) consists of Colombian, German, Irish, English, Spanish, Sicilian, Lithuanian, and African-American. Trevor is French-Canadian, German, a wee bit of Irish, and Native American. Our family is pretty diverse and I am the type of person who likes to celebrate almost every holiday, but St. Patrick's Day for me is not about dressing in green so I don't get pinched and drinking ale all night long and acting a fool. St. Patrick's Day for me is like Cinco de Mayo. Just another day and another excuse for people to get drunk. Most American's probably don't even know what St. Patrick's Day is all about. But enough of my ramble, the Durant's celebrated St. Patrick's Day by doing absolutely nothing! Trevor had to work all day and Amari and I hung out at home while he recovers from Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease. We did venture out to Applebee's for dinner and Amari wore his green "I'm a Wee Bit Irish" shirt. He seemed pretty happy to be out of the house now that he is feeling better. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 "Kiss Me! I'm a wee bit Irish!"

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