Day 5, 6, and 7 of HFMD

Amari has passed the 7 day hump of Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease. His butt is  completely clear now and his feet are starting to clear up as well, which is good. Yesterday he fought me as I tried to put on a pair of his shoes, LOL. Little Man fits the meaning of his name. Amari does mean strength in Swahili and I must admit, his pretty strong for a two-year-old. He has a couple blisters on his hands that are starting to crust over. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that he will be able to go to school tomorrow. He misses his friends and keeps asking for "babies". We will continue to give him Aveeno baths until his rash is completely gone and I will continue to run amuck around my house with Lysol Disinfecting spray and and my handy-dandy wash rag until the end of April.  HFMD, unfortunately, stays in the system for over a month. I'm still crossing my fingers and praying that Trevor and I don't get infected. I have to keep reminding myself that if we were going to get it we would have gotten it already. I'm just glad that Amari is feeling better again and back to his happy-go-lucky and energetic self. =]

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