Day 4 of HFMD - Stir Crazy

Today has had its ups and downs. One of the ups would be that Amari is 100% back to being himself. He is one big ball of energy and the blisters on his bottom are almost gone. His hands still look icky and his piggy's are getting a little worse but all-in-all he is well again. He loves bath time; I can't say that its the Aveeno bath that he loves or the fact that he gets to kick his feet and splash like a madman in the tub. One of the downs is that he has been trapped in the house for the past few days but he did get to spend some time with his cousin Bridget today who is back from Pullman for spring break. He loves his cousin Bridget! Poor guy must be going stir crazy being stuck in the house 24/7. The only time that Amari has gotten to go outside was when we went to drop off and pick up Daddy from work and opened his bedroom window to air it out. Like I have mentioned the past few days, I cannot wait for this to be over! I just want Amari to be healthy and blister and pain free. He will have a few more days of being confined to the house before he goes back to daycare on Monday morning. We have 1-3 more days of this left... =/ Happy Thursday!

Truck time. =]

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