Baby, It's Spring! least it feels like spring for the moment anyways. The weather has been lovely for the past few days and our little family of three has enjoyed it very much. Yesterday we went to open Amari a savings account all the way out in Lacey only to discover that we needed his social security number. We were a little annoyed. It would have been nice if Twin Star put it on the pamphlet of things to bring for opening a savings account for a child. Trev was pretty adamant about going to the Zoo, but I suggested we save that trip for another day. Instead, we headed to Cabela's! I have never been to Cabela's but Trevor insisted that it would be a fun experience for all of us even though we were not buying any camping, fishing, or hunting gear. When we walked in we were greeted by a big yellow plane. Amari was more than thrilled by that and kept saying, "Mommy, plane! Daddy, plane!" He is very intrigued by planes and gets pretty excited when a plane flies across the sky. The cool thing about Cabela's is the fact that they have animal cadavers all over the store that hunters have donated and they display them as an exhibit. Amari loved it and kept asking us what all the different animals were as we walked around it. They had elk, deer, raccoon's, wolverines, different kind of bears, and they even had a polar bear and a sea lion. The polar bear was huge and I couldn't help but take a picture because it was one of my favorites. They even have a small aquarium with salmon, trout, and bass. Amari was scared of the fish but didn't seem to mind looking at them. He would just freak out whenever Trevor tried to put his hand against the tank, LOL. We walked around for about an hour before we headed over to Ken Lake to enjoy the sunshine and warmth with the rest of the family.

 Polar Bear at Cabela's.
He was huge!
 Amari in awe as he looked at all the animals and the yellow plane.
 Massive Sea Lion. 
 Looking at Trout and Salmon with Daddy.
Amari was scared of the fish, LOL.
 We checked out the Africa exhibit.  
 Baboon about to take down a Cheetah. 
Amari kept calling it a Kitty.
 Swinging! =]
 Throwing marshmallows at GiGi.
 Goofballs these two are.
 First time on his bike. =]
 Waiting to swing.
 Big boy on the swing all by himself.
Nana and Papa's backyard on a lovely spring afternoon. =] 

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