Happy Super Belated Valentine's Day: 2012

This post is very belated... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Trevor and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day and to be honest, are a little apprehensive about the day; we did however, get Amari a few goodies! Sesame Street of course! Our house has been taken over by Muppet's, LOL. =P
We did get a few goodies from the family like a new heating pad and chocolate and we spent our evening at Group Health before heading over to Dirty Dave's for dinner. Dirty Dave's has delicious pizza and Amari chowed down on three slices before we headed home and called it an evening. As you can see, our Valentine's Day was pretty mellow and uneventful... =P

Happy Valentine's Day! 


 Elmo and Oscar toy.
 New Elmo book.
 Jump, jump! 
Amari was excited about the fish. 

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