Amari's Elmo & Cookie Monster Birthday Bash

Amari doesn't turn 2 until tomorrow, but we celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday afternoon at Nana and Papa's  house. It was simple, laid back, and there was a lot of Cookie Monster and Elmo floating around the house. ;D Elmo and Cookie Monster happen to be Amari's favorite Sesame Street characters. We kept his party simple and just invited family. Unfortunately, Nana and Papa (who are still in Palm Desert), Kayleen and Bridget and my siblings (with the exception of Randy) were unable to make it to the party due to work and being at college. We decide on cupcakes instead of a cake this year, which I was very pleased with. Marie from Marie's Baking Journey made Amari's Cookie Monster and Elmo red velvet cupcakes. They were super cute and very yummy in the tummy. ;D Amari enjoyed eating his Cookie cupcake and even asked for a second one but we said no, LOL! He got a lot of wonderful gifts for his birthday: a new chair, lots of books, clothes, J's from Uncle, toys, and a swing that Poppi hung up for him in Papa and Nana's back yard! It is still hard for me to phantom that Amari will officially be 2 years old tomorrow!

Birthday Boy

 Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes made by Marie

 Cookie Monster cupcakes up close.
So stinking cute!
 Elmo Cupcakes! =P
Presents table

 Newest pair of J's from Uncle

 Mmm, delicious Cookie cupcake.

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