Amari Turns Two!

Today my sweet little prince is 2. I keep asking myself where the time has gone. My friend and mentor Ashley once told me that the days go bye so slow but the years go bye so quickly. Boy she was right. I remember the first few weeks home and how hard they were. Adjusting to motherhood and recovering from major surgery was difficult, not to mention trying to get to the know the little person that had been living in my belly for 9 long months. To my surprise, Amari was a pretty easy baby. He hardly cried and when he did cry it was only because he soiled his diaper or was hungry. He also learned to nurse relatively quickly even though it was a challenge for the both of us for the first two weeks. He slept well, only waking once or twice a night for two feedings and by 2 months of age he was sleeping through the night. He was a very content baby, very calm and observant. Over the past two years Amari has changed drastically, both physically and milestone wise. He officially is a big boy in his eyes and entered the world of terrible 2's months ago. He loves to sing and dance, color and draw, play with Elmo and Cookie Monster, wrestle with Daddy, and read some of his favorite books. He talks nonstop now and learns something new on a daily basis.

Tonight we celebrated his birthday with Poppi and GiGi. I made gnocchi with a delicious pasta sauce, mushrooms, onions, and asparagus for dinner. It was delicious! ;D We hung out, watched Hoarders: Buried Alive and watched Amari open his last present from us. We didn't spoil him with sweets tonight. Amari ended up bring his class chocolate cookies with green butter cream frosting for his birthday and gobbled up three cookies. He also had an entire Cookie Monster cupcake at his party on Saturday that turned his poop teal. =/ Yuck! On another note, it was darling when we would ask him, "How old are you Amari?" And he would reply, "Two." =] He truly is a special little boy and I'm not just saying that because he is my son... Okay, I am but he really is a special little boy and love and adore him very much.

Happy 2nd Birthday Amari! 
Mommy and Daddy love you and we look forward to the many wonderful years ahead. 
You are loved.  

 Papa, Papa, Paparazzi! 

 Nemo =]
 Talking to Nani via Skype.

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