What's New with A.J. - The Month of October

I am amazed by all the development that Amari has had in one month. He is such a smart little boy and he is such a blast! He makes more messes than he does anything else but we are trying to teach him to pick up after himself. We ended up borrowing a large basket from Great Auntie Pam for in the living room. Amari  is slowly learning to put his toys away in the basket (most of the time be puts one toy away and runs to his room to grab another). He still loves helping me put away clothes by handing me hangers. He loves it and it is also nice being able to occupy his restless little mind by tossing some hangers on the floor or on the bed and let him help me clean up the house.

- Amari knows where his ears, toes (also known as piggies), and belly button and/or tummy are. Recently, he has learned where his mouth, eyes, head, and hair are. When you ask him where his head is, he hits is forehead and if you ask him where his hair is he strokes his hair and smiles.

- He has started to say, "Bye" and waves when anyone leaves.

- Instead of saying the formal, "Hello," Amari has replaced it with "Hi," instead.

- He loves to scribble with crayons and has made lots of Thank You cards for people he loves.

- He has officially mastered the somersault and does them all the time on the bed or on the floor.

- Baths are his all time favorite. If he hears the water running in the bathroom he runs inside and jumps up and down until you pick him up and put him in the tub (after taking off his clothes and diaper of course).

- He enjoys reading quietly to himself or picks out his favorite books and brings them over for Trev or myself to read. Lately, he has been wanting to read all day long. =] I think we may have a future book worm on our hands.

- He has learned some of the potty words! Sure he doesn't use them in context, but we are trying to teach him. He now knows how to say "pee-pee" and we tried teaching him "poop" but he ended up learning how to say "doo-doo" from my brother, LOL.

- Amari has started repeating words that you say to him. He has repeated blue, squirrel, and a few other words but I am drawing a blank on some of them.

- He also sings along to Black Sabbath's "Iron Man Tribute". He sings the, "I-I-I" part thanks to the commercial on T.V. =D

- He love, love, loves football! When we are at Baylor's football games he cheers when the crowd cheers for the Cougars and dances along to the band.

- He loves Great Papa's cuckoo clock and makes him play it every time he goes to Papa and Nana's house. As soon as he walks through the door you will hear him say, "Papa... cuckoo!" =D

And pretty much that is what's new with A.J. these days!

 Amari and Great Papa
 Trying to get Papa to re-do the cuckoo clock.
 Mmm, cheese burger.
 Nothing better than milk and "Sid the Science Kid"
Sweet dreams little prince.

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