The Spaghetti Bowl: Capital Cougars vs. Olympia Bears

This post is a few days late, but it has been a very busy weekend for the Durant family. Friday night kicked off our weekend with the Spaghetti Bowl! Like I've mentioned on my previous post, I love me some football. I love it, love it, love it! =]
The Spaghetti Bowl is always between the Olympia Bears and Capital Cougars. Trev's cousin Baylor plays for Capital High School and has been the starting Tight-End since his sophomore year.  Poor Trevor was torn on who to root for, seeing as he is an alumni of Olympia and his cousin plays for Capital. =D We were more concerned on how Amari was going to do behavior wise. The last time he was at a football game was when he was little and he would sleep almost the entire game. When he was awake, he would dance to the band or stare at the cheerleaders.  We were pleasantly surprised that he was on his best behavior and he would yell when we did, dance when the band played, and look for Baylor when we would scream, "Go Baylor" at the top of our lungs. Amari calls his cousin, "BaBa". =P Baylor had a terrific game. He caught his first three passes of the season and did a tremendous job creating holes for the offense to get through so they could make some great plays. The game was low scoring, the final score was 10 to 7, the Bears winning the bowl for the 2011 season. We look forward to watching Baylor play. We will be cheering for Capital. Go Cougs!


 A very concerned looking Amari. 
 Auntie and Nephew love.
 The Cougars
 Olivia, Amari, and Nessa in their Cougar gear.
Go Cougs!

 The game was packed!
It was soOo hot in the crowd.
 Baylor is #84. 
He is somewhere in the crowd, LOL.
 Waiting for the game to start with Daddy. 
 The Capital and Olympia bands playing together before the game.
He loved the band...
And the Cheerleaders, LOL. 
 Eww, I look nasty...
 Papa rockin' his shades & Nana.
Grammy and Amari.

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