Labor Day

Yesterday was the perfect way to end the summer... Okay, I know there is still 16 days of summer left, but seeing as school starts tomorrow and football season has begun, it is officially fall. =D

Trevor helped out Nana and Papa by staining their deck and dock for a few hours, while I deep cleaned the kitchen and re-arranged the living room at home. It took a while cleaning the kitchen because my little helper was making one big mess! I managed to snap a few photos of Amari and the chaos in the kitchen. He thought he was being so helpful...

After Amari napped and Trevor got home we all headed to Auntie Pam's house to drop off two shirts (a crimson and a gray one) so Pam could make Amari his new Capital wear for the football season.  He outgrew his Capital onesie that she made him last year. His gray shirt got messed up so she is re-doing it, but the crimson one turned out great. He will be rocking it on Friday for the "Spaghetti Bowl". We cannot wait for the game! Capital will be playing their across town rivals, the Olympia Bears. Go Cougs!

After stopping off at Pam's, we headed downtown. We decided that we were going to take Amari to the Fountain for the first time. Pam met us down there and they took Amari into the fountain while I took some pictures. Let's just say that he LOVED it! =D It was so cute to watch him play with his Auntie and Daddy and see him interact with all the other children that were playing in the fountain. Like I have mentioned before, Amari is my little guppy. He loves water almost as much as he loves playing with balls and eating cookies. =]
The weather was perfect and even though our afternoon was pretty mellow after our trip downtown, it was great relaxing with my two favorite men at home and enjoying a simple dinner of hot dogs, Southern style baked beans, and corn-on-the-cob.  Our Labor Day was perfect and now it is time to focus on the fall.

 "What's that?"
 He love, love, loved the fountain. 

 "Ah! Daddy it's cold."

 My Pink Panther. =P
 Great Auntie Kisses

 Happy Feet time...
 Intrigued by the fountain 

 Practicing his summersault skills.
 Bootie in the air, LOL. 
 "Mama! I don't want to leave..."
Silly play with Daddy at the park.

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