Big Guy... Eating with a Fork! =]

Amari is growing up so fast. Yesterday evening we walked to Target after the rain stopped cause we needed to pick up a few items. While we were there I headed over to the bargain bin to see what goodies they had. To my surprise, they had Halloween inspired spoons and forks for toddlers for a dollar. For weeks I've been doing research on what is the best fork for a toddler learning to self feed. At the beginning of the summer we started letting Amari use a spoon whenever he ate applesauce or yogurt. He loved it and would throw a fit if one of us tried to take his spoon away. He makes more of a mess than filling his little belly with food at meal times, but he seems to enjoy being independent. At breakfast today I let Amari use one of his new forks. At first, he didn't know what to do with it and kept trying to use his fork like a spoon. I had to show him how to use the fork correctly and he was so proud of himself when he picked up a kiwi and ate it. There is nothing better than seeing your little one overcome yet another milestone. He was so proud of himself that he had to call Trevor into the dinning-room so he could watch him eat with a fork. =)

 Big guy!
 Trying to figure out what hand to use, LOL.
He tends to use his left hand the most.
 Trying to pick up a kiwi.
 Mmm, chocolate chip Belgin waffle.
 Wait... time to switch hands. 
  Playing with his fork.

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