19 Months: Then and Now

Wow, I can't believe Amari is 19 months old today. Time really has flown bye. Last night, while I was uploading pictures from our hard drive into Shutterfly, I stumbled upon some old pictures of my sweet little prince from this time last year. He was 7 months old. Its crazy to think that last September Amari was not mobile, babbled non-stop and could only say Dada, he had the biggest brown eyes and the sweetest little smile, and he was learning to sit without the support of his Boppy pillow and starting to army crawl. Now he is a toddler and is my busy, busy worker bee. =]

Here he is then: 
Look at that sweet little face and those big brown puppy eyes.
Oh how I miss the Supersaucer. 
He broke it though, bouncing too much, LOL. 
He had just learned how to sit-up without the Boppy. 
Big boy! =D
And he had a full head of hair...
My sweet little rockstar. 
And here he is now:

Drinking water from a straw at the Olympia football game. 
Tee hee, love the look on his face. =P

Happy 19 Month's Amari James!

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