Capital Cougar Football Practice

Go Cougs! This afternoon we met Papa at Capital High School to watch Baylor practice. Capital is right behind our house but we made a quick pit stop at Rite Aid to get some sweet tea and snacks before heading over. We watched the J.V. team practice for a while before the varsity team showed up. While we waited, I took Amari on a walk around the track. He had a blast. Stinker has so much energy that running is the only way to get it out. On Sunday he ran around the track two times after our mile and half walk. I may have to take him there every night since he loves running so much. Beats the playground. =]
When the players showed up, he was so intrigued by all of them and every time they threw or kicked a football he would yell out, "ball". He wanted to play with them so badly but I wouldn't let him. Maybe next time Amari. One day he will play football... he just has to wait a few more years. 

 This picture is from "Sand in the City" over the weekend.
How awesome is that Cougar?
 "Sand in the City" football.
Go Cougs!
Hopefully Capital will be number 1 this season. 
 One day...
He will play on this field... 
Can you picture him in football gear?
I sure can. 
Quarterback, Receiver, maybe a Runningback?
 Future track star!
 Playin' with arrows.
 Hey! Why is there hay on the track?
Didn't bother Amari, he kept throwing it in the air, lol.
 Running on the track.
 "Down, set, hike!"
Sippy cup throwing time.
 He's already excited to play football.
 Watching the big boys play ball.
 Walking up the hill with Papa and Daddy.
 The field...
Not the field they play on though.
 Papa, Daddy, and Amari waiting for Baylor's practice to start.
 Looking for goodies.
 Who would'a thought he'd love to play on the bleachers? 
 Horrible picture of me, cute picture of my little man. 
The Cougs warming up for the day. 
Baylor is somewhere... 

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