Three days tell the wedding! Holy crap, time has flown bye super duper quickly. Today my soon-to-be mother in law Betsy and soon-to-be sister in law's Kayleen and Janessa went to lunch at a teriyaki restaurant to celebrate Nessa's last day at Cornerstone Christian School. I was also given my something borrowed/something blue gift which was a white handkerchief with blue flowers on it and my something new which is a bridal purse made from the same lace applique from my dress by Mrs. Tilson. I'll post pictures of them tomorrow. =]

After lunch, we headed to the Lacey Nail Salon to get our manicures and pedicures done. I was due for a pedicure and it was nice relaxing for an hour, getting my feet tended to, and flipping through the latest In-Style magazine. It took me a while to decide if I wanted a mani or acrylic nails done. I decided on acrylic and they are sparkly! You will learn quickly that I love all things glittery and/or sparkly. I keep staring at my nails. They are so fun! Two hours later, nails done and brows waxed we all left the salon and headed home for the evening.

Tomorrow I'm in search of a garter for the garter toss and Bridget, Pam, and my good friend Jen will be making cake pops for our wedding favors! Fun times. We have 300 to make! Wish us luck.

 Mmm, blueberries.
 Yum yum!
 Helping Mommy sort the laundry.
Got to teach him to fold.
 At Janessa's last Chapel at Cornerstone.
Little man looks bored.
 Playing with Auntie Kay Kay. 
 Mr. Cuteness. 
 Nessa receiving her Pass Port Award.
 Sharing Puffs with Daddy.
Numb numb!
 Nessa receiving the "Friendliness Award".
Farewell Cornerstone Christian School.
Hello Jefferson Middle School. 
 Kay and Mrs. Hansen
 Slam dunk time.
In a few years Amari will be dunking on his Daddy! LOL =D
 Pedicure time!
Mom and daughter enjoying some relaxation time at the salon. 
 Kay chillin' on her Zune.
My brows look nice. Glad I got them waxed! 
 Mr. Grumpy pants!
5 boxes of cake mix. 
The goal: 300 cake pops! 

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