Stark Street, Batting Cages, Darcelle XV, Oh My!

I cannot believe that it is officially summer! Happy June 1st everybody. To bad it still feels like March in Washington. The good news is, is that our wedding is in exactly 18 days! The past six months have flown bye so quickly and still have a lot of things to do, let alone plane for the wedding.

I had my bachelorette party (thrown by my Maid of Honor and one of my childhood best friend's Pam) last Friday (May 27th) in Portland. I had no idea what we were doing. It was all a surprise. Pam and Jen drove the hour and a half drive from Portland to Oly to pick me up. We ended up going to Stark Street Pizza! It was our childhood hang out (we always had our softball banquets there) and the pepperoni pizza is to die for! My sister Sheila met us there for lunch even though she was late due to traffic and then we headed to Batting a Thousand. I hadn't been to that place since we were seniors in high school and needed batting practice for our ASA team. The place looks exactly the same. And we ALL sucked! Trust me, we needed the batting practice!

After the cages we headed to Pam and Holly's apartment to relax and get pretty for the evening. We opened a bottle of bubble and did absolutely nothing until around six o'clock when the rest of the ladies showed up. It was great seeing Becky, Holly, Yorda, Theo, Katie Kay, and Alma. We drank, played bachlorette games, ate food, and opened presents. None of the ladies would tell me what we were doing for the evening. I had fears of male strippers without rhythm but all of them let me know that that was a no go, thank God. Trev wouldn't like that! =]  Instead, we ended up going to Darcelle XV Showplace! It was the most awesome (non-Vegas) drag show and it was a blast! I had never been to a professional drag show before but I would definitely go again. Tierra Desmond (one of the drag Queens) even complemented me on by beautiful Guess gladiator sandals/stilettos. =]

 Me & my sister Sheila. 
The look on my face cracks me up. 
She was very proud of my make-up. She did it. LOL
 Jen, Becky, Me, & Pam.
Mmm, Jell-O shots!
I love these ladies. =]
I love my Guess shoes!
So cute. 
And I love the white and pink lingerie gown from Becky. 
Holly got me a darling black and pink Betsy Johnson one.
Thanks friends! =D
 The cabaret! 
They were getting their Lady Marmalade on, lol.
 Tierra Desmond. 
She was our favorite drag Queen. 
She was awesome, but don't tell Darcelle that we liked her better.
At the end of the show Darcelle asked all the bachelorette's to get on stage. 
She had presents for us! =]

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