What's New with A.J. - The Month of May

Toddlerhood is a blast! Who would have thought that it could be so fun and exciting? Amari is seriously the funniest little man that I have ever met. It is so neat to watch his personality develop and see his own little mannerisms unfold.

- The drop game still remains to be Amari's favorite game to play. He loves to drop everything from his toys to his food, his socks to his beloved sippy cup. The word, "Uh oh," is one of his favorite words to say and he says it all the time, even when he hasn't dropped anything. 

- He loves to "read"! His favorite thing to do is to go into his room and grab a book or two off the bookshelf and read to himself. Sometimes he babbles out loud and sometimes he'll just flip through the pages before tossing his book aside and grabbing another one.

- He has figured out how to stand from a sitting position! He started it last week by bouncing up and down on his little bum around the living room. He has always been a fan of bouncing and eventually figured out that if he pushed himself off the ground with both of his feet at the same time that he could bounce a little bit higher. Imagine his surprise when he found himself standing! After that wonderful and successful triumph, he continued to practice all night long.

- Not only has Amari learned how to stand, but he's figured out that if he takes a few steps he can walk! =D
He started attempting how to walk on Wednesday by taking 1-2 steps, by Thursday he was taking 2-3 steps, and by Friday he was taking 3-5 steps! It is amazing how quick they learn at this age. I'm just so happy that my little man is officially toddling around the house.

- Amari loves to take bubble baths! Over the weekend we said bye-bye to his Duckie tub and took a trip to Target to buy him a fish-shaped bathtub mat and some small starfish and fish grippers. He enjoyed taking a bath in the tub and kept trying to eat the bubbles from his bath.  =P

- Amari no longer drinks from a bottle! He officially loves his sippy cup and likes to carry it around the house or push it along the carpet as he crawls from his bedroom to the living room. Milk is his favorite thing to drink out of it.

- Little stinker has an arm! He loves to play catch and is very coordinated. He likes to throw his football, basketball, soccer ball, and anything else that he can fit into his hand and throw. It is rather fun playing catch with him. 

He stood for ten seconds and I managed to snap a picture before he fell down! 
Wow, the living room looks messy.
 Not the best picture, but he took 3 steps before grabbing onto the couch. =]

Hiding in his favorite place in his room behind the rocking chair. 
He usually grabs a book and leans against the wall and "reads".

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