11 Month Reverie...

My sweet little prince is 11 months old today! Geeze the time has just flown bye. It feels as if it were just yesterday that I was pregnant and absolutely miserable around this time last year. I was exhausted all the time and felt like a walrus on land and every time I would walk I would wattle around like a penguin. I was round with pregnancy and plagued by the aches and pains of being with child. I remember wishing for baby “Bump” [the ultra sound technician was only 75% sure that we were on team blue] to hurry up and come already. I had had enough being pregnant. I wanted the baby out! Little did I know that I would still be pregnant for another thirty days! “Bump” had decided to be stubborn and skip on over his due date of February 19th… He was stubborn in utero and he continues to be stubborn outside of it.

January 27th was my last day of work and I recall rubbing my belly at 5:00 o’clock and saying, “Hey “Bump”, if you’d like to come out now you can. Mommy doesn’t have to work anymore…” I was even tempted to drink Castor oil from the bottle and munch on pineapple to kick start labor. I didn’t do it, but I was definitely tempted to do it.

Glad I didn’t.

Castor oil is nasty!

As I look back on last year, I can’t help but laugh. Being pregnant is one of the most joyous experience that a woman can ever have. I enjoyed being pregnant up until I realized how uncomfortable it is having a baby kick you in the ribs and the fact that you have to pee every hour on the hour. It was unpleasant then but worth it. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read “Pregnancy kicks your ass from the inside out.”

So true… It really does.

I may have not enjoyed being pregnant at the time but as I sit and reflect about it I really did enjoy it. In fact I miss it. I miss the feeling of my little one moving around in my tummy, seeing a footprint or a handprint through my skin as he stretched inside of me. I’d giggle every time my tummy would spasm due to hiccups and I miss cradling my round belly. At least I get to snuggle him now and give him kisses and enjoy his sweet personality! I enjoy watching him grow up into a little man and I can’t help but smile when he gets excited to see me after a long day at the office. He crawls over to me while mumbling “Mum-ma” over and over again until I pick him up and plant a juicy kiss on his forehead. I love the sound of his laughter and the fact that he is a chatter box and attention seeker. He is my lovable, adorable, sweet little prince and I feel so blessed to be his mother!

Happy 11 months Amari!

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