Aurora: 8 Months

Aurora turned 8 months old two Tuesday's ago and I am just now getting around to updating. She is such a joy. I adore her sweet little self, especially her chubby cheekies and baby rolls! She is so funny and she is always smiling and laughing. She has everybody in our house wrapped around her little finger and she knows it. Here is what has been happening with out little lady in the past few months:

- We have a CRAWLER! Yes, my little sweetheart is mobile. She gets into everything.

- She has four teeth. Two on top and two on the bottom. She's cutting more teeth too. And she bites!

- Rora just got a new toy. She seems to enjoy her new walker. Daddy picked it out for her.

- She loves playing with big brother's Hot Wheels and Mega blocks.

- Personality-wise, she is very gentle natured, amuses her self, is happy all the time, and just so stinking sweet. I'm not just saying that because I'm biased and she's mine.

- She self feeds herself Puffs. It's rather amusing to watch. She has horrible hand-eye coordination.

- She thinks it's funny to blow raspberries during meals and spit food on Daddy. She does this with carrots mostly. She is not a fan of them anymore.

- Bath time she gets to kick her feet like a mad woman and she LOVES IT! She throws a fit when we take her out of the bath.

- In the past week she let's Mommy put her hair in a ponytail. Daddy tries but it's a struggle.

- She loves rolling around continuously while squealing as loud as she can.

- She likes walks. Still hates her car seat and no longer wants to chill in her bouncer.

- She also sleeps in her own bed now. No more co-sleeping at night. Girl is a bed hog!

- Girl loves her veggies! She refuses to eat meat and I don't blame her. Pureed meats smell disgusting and probably taste even worse than they smell.

- She likes to watch TV. We try our best to distract her so big brother's can watch their shows in the morning.

- Aurora looks a lot like my Grandma. They have the same dimple and facial structure. It's the cheeks. ;) The only difference is their hair and eye color.

- She sucks on her left hand mostly. I'm thinking she will be my left hander.

- She also has Happy Feet like her big brother Amari. Girl kicks her piggies nonstop. I can already tell she is going to be hyperactive.

- She can say Mama, Dada, hi, and baba now.

- And for the past three nights she has been sleeping through the night. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that this trend sticks. 

The past eight months have been a blast getting to know Aurora. She really is a sweetheart and so different from her two big brothers. She is so funny and her laugh is precious. She also loves to sing and babble. In for months she will be one... I wish time would slow down. Happy eight months Princess Aurora!

T-ball Season

T-ball is almost over. Amari is loving it. He is enjoying being on the yellow team, also known as team Minions. It has been fun watching him learn how to play the game. His swing has vastly improved over the last four weeks. He has some power behind his swing now and ended up hitting a line drive up the middle on Saturday and a hard groundball that went through the infield. He has even fielded the ball cleaning and uses his body when he needs too. We just need to teach him a good fielding stance and to always throw to first base. Sure we are constantly yelling at him to stop kicking and throwing dirt 98% of the time but everyone on his team is doing it. Mari does have the best arm on the team and is often at third or shortstop. He doesn't like playing catcher but looks so stinking cute in catchers gear!

He has two games left in the season and we can't wait tell he is old enough to play pitch-hit next season. This year he was five months too young to play but he will be playing next season. This summer we plan on working on fundementals and basic rules of the game. He also needs to work on his hustle both on and off the field. Amari is a natural when it comes to playing ball. He has been throwing since he was eight months old and his arms amazes lots of people. He is finally at that age where he can do extracurricular activities and it is exciting.