Carving Out Memories

Carving pumpkins is a chore, especially when you're the one doing all the carving in the house. Last night I carved three while the boys scooped out all the innards of the gourds that they picked out last Friday. Amari loves scooping out all the seeds and playing with the orange stringys. It was pretty funny watching him look through the carving book for ideas. Every time he turned the page he would change his mind about what he wanted on his pumpkin. Eventually he settled on Captain Kitty. He thought it was funny.

Talan was a little creeped out by pumpkin innards. He wanted nothing to do with the seeds or stringies at first. In fact, Amari did most of the scooping for Talan. T spent most of his time banging the little orange scooper against the table and tossing seeds that fell onto the tabletop into the bowl.  He even tried to eat the top of his pumpkin... Weirdo. At least he picked out something cute to put on his pumpkin. He selected a bat.

Both the boys helped pick out Aurora's carving template. It took a while but they were pleased with their choice. They picked a ghost for baby sister's first pumpkin.

In lue of real candles this years I finally caved and went with those cheap LED lights from the Dollar Tree. I have this huge fear of my porch catching on fire while we are out trick-or-treating on Friday night. Amari and Talan enjoyed sitting on the porch and watching their pumpkins flicker. I tried explaining the historical meaning behind jack-o-lanterns but they weren't feeling a history lesson from me. They were in their own little serene elements as they admired their lit up pumpkins together.

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