Emergency Room Visit

We had to take a trip into the ER yesterday morning due to Mr. Sickly not eating or drinking any fluids due to his bad stomach bug. This is the first time that Mari's been sick like this before. The last time he was out of commission was when he had Hand-Foot-Mouth when he was two. I started getting worried about him yesterday morning when he refused to take a sip of water, tea I made for him, or even Gatorade. As the morning progressed he started looking rather lethargic, his eyes were extremely sunken, and when he would cry there were no tears. In about 24 hours he had drank only a cup of water and had a few bites of food. I called the on-call nurse for advice after Amari almost collapsed walking from the loo to the couch. Poor thing. After multiple phone calls and talks with the doctor they told us to take him into the Emergancy Room. After about an hour of sitting he managed to eat a few crackers and a popsicle for the nurse. The doctor checked him out and monitored him but didn't see any reason to give him an IV. We headed home after our ER visit and Amari chowed down on more popsicles and was able to take in more fluids. His appetite is slowly starting to come back but he still has a bad case of diarrhea. Looks like he won't be at school again tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that little boy gets better and doesn't pass this mean ol' stomach bug on to his little brother. 

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