A Case of the Sickies, Eww!

I hate it when my babies are sick. I feel like I can't do anything to make them feel better. Amari came down with a bug yesterday morning. He had diarrhea and low grade fever which slowly turned into vomiting and an upset tummy. He is not used to being this sick. The flu is kicking his ass (pardon my French) but it's the truth. He has been curled up on the couch all day with the exception of multiple potty trips. Poor kid is miserable. I have done everything in my  power to make him as comfortable as possible last night and today. I am crossing my fingers and praying that Talan doesn't catch this bug. The flu has been extra vicious here in the Pacific Northwest this season and I can not imagine my sweet toddler battling this bug. Amari is one tough kid. He gets it from his mama obviously. I did get him into the doctors to get a diagnosis and make sure he wasn't dehydrated or having an ear infection. One good thing about our visit today was that he is not dehydrated. He is also now 38 pounds and 42 inches tall. He is one big kid these days!  We will be keeping him out of school the next few days to get some rest and recover from the stomach flu. I'm hoping that I don't catch this bug. I hate the stomach flu with a great passion. Plus I have a work event that I am organizing for Friday and I can't miss it. Keep our family in your thoughts as we recover and try to not get any sicker than we already are. Stay healthy! 

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