Pregnancy Week 11: Baby #2

I'm exhausted. This baby is sapping every ounce of energy that I have. All I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep. I fall asleep every night around 8 o'clock and have to take a nap mid day before my afternoon shift at work. I don't remember being this exhausted when I was pregnant with Amari. In all honesty, I just remember having all day sickness with him. So far this pregnancy has been very different. For starters, I've only had morning sickness and two unpleasant experiences of purging out my insides (sorry for the gross details).  No back-pain; thank God! At 11 weeks and 2 days along my belly is starting to get that round shape and stick out a bit. I'm already showing. I didn't start showing with Amari until I was 13 weeks. It looks like I'm going to have to start taking weekly belly pictures from now on and pray that the feeling of being bloated goes away. Food cravings wise, all I want his hot spicy foods like burritos, chips and salsa, and jalapenos. I seriously go through a jar of pickles in a week and even down the juice which grosses Trevor out but is super delicious to me. Foods that cause me to be super nauseous is ranch and ketchup. =/ Even the stench of day old dirty dishes and opening up the garbage can to throw something away causes my stomach to churn. I find myself cleaning like a mad woman to keep stinky smells away. I feel like a hound dog with my amazing ability to smell things. As Adrian Monk used to say, "Its both a gift and a cruse." I just cannot wait to jump of the exhausted train and feel more like myself in the next few weeks. So far baby Durant numero dos is 1.6 inches tall and .25 ounces and is the size of a lime. We were supposed to see our little bean via ultrasound on Wednesday but we had to reschedule due to us both having interviews down in Portland. We will be seeing him or her for the first time as of May 10th. :] I look forward to our meeting in two weeks and keep thinking pink! This time around, Trev and I are both on the team pink bandwagon. We want a girl but we won't be disappointed if little bean is a boy. We just want God to bless us with a healthy baby.

That's Right... We're Expecting! :]

I am happy and so blessed to announce that Trevor and I are going to be parents again and my sweet little Prince Amari is going to be a big brother! We're pregnant! Exactly 11 weeks and 1 day along. Baby Durant numero dos is baking in the oven. =D I started to suspect that I was pregnant back in March when Aunt Flow was one day late and decided to pick up a test. I was ecstatic and thrilled when the test came back positive. I literally jumped up and down I was that thrilled. The only person around was Amari and he, of  course, had no idea what I was going on about, LOL. He was just confused and carried on with his business. Telling Trevor was the easy part. I just had to decide if I was going to wait a day or tell him later in the month. I ended up telling him the next day after taking a second test. I wrote a cute little note and taped  it on the bedroom door the next morning so he would see it when he came out of the shower. :] He was just as happy as I was. I feel so blessed that God has allowed Trevor and I to be parents again. Amari is such a wonderful blessing and I am excited about the new chapter that is starting in our lives. Please pray for our family while we start our new journey in becoming a family of four. Baby Durant #2 while be gracing us with his or her presence on November 17th. Looks like we will be having another Scorpio in our household. ;P

Spring Arts Walk: Progression of the Species

What a busy, busy day for the Durant family. We kicked off our morning with swimming lessons. Amari loves to swim and he has been doing a great job going under the water. Now, he is working on going under the water and grabbing onto the edge of the pool instead of using his little forehead to stop himself. He truly is my little Pisces. He loves the water. Trevor didn't have to work today so he got to come and watch Amari swim for the first time. After swimming, we headed upstairs to the gym because the Y was hosting Healthy Kids Day. Amari got a new shirt (which he is swimming in) and a few fun trinkets for participating in the event. He enjoyed the bounce house  the most and I had the luxury of taking him inside it...twice! He insisted on it. :] After we finished with Healthy Kids Day we headed home for lunch and a quick nap before adventuring downtown for Arts Walk.
In the past, we have not really participated in the fall and spring Arts Walk. Arts Walk is a two day event in downtown Oly where local artists get to display their art work in restaurants and shops and the community gets to admire their work.The last time that Trevor and I went was when I was pregnant with Amari. I thought that it would be fun to let Amari experience it for the first time. In the spring, they have the annual Progression of the Species parade where community members get to dress up as animals and march in the parade. At first, Amari didn't know what the expect. He seemed...confused; for lack of better words, but once the parade started he was intrigued by the music and clapped along with the crowd by Daddy's side. He was most excited when he saw the Sun and the Moon floats. =] The cool thing about the parade is how creative everyone is with their costumes and floats. We saw some pretty cool floats. Two of our favorites were the T-Rex skeleton and the spider. We even saw a life-size Geoduck!
After the parade we headed down Franklin Street to the Bearded Lady for a tasty treat and watched the parade crowd disperse. Amari enjoyed digging in to Daddy's yummy sundae and even had a few bits of mine. We had dessert for dinner. ;D And it was delicious!


 A very packed 5th Avenue. 
 My boys.
 Thinking intently...

 T-Red skeleton.
 The Sun and Moon floats.
Amari's favorite by far.

 Mommy and Daddy's Zodiac sign. 
 Super massive Spider.
 Life-size Geoduck.

 Hanging at the Bearded Lady.
 Build your own sundae. 
Amari digging right in, LOL. Typical.
 Mommy's dinner.
Vegan peanut butter ice cream, chocolate fudge, brownies, frozen whip cream, and marshmallows.
Daddy's dinner.
Vegan espresso ice cream, caramel sauce, brownies, and bacon.

What's New with A.J. - The Month of April

I feel like I am going to miss something cause I always do when it comes to what's new with Mr. Amari James every month. He is constantly learning something new on a daily basis and his language development is exploding like no other.

- He is fascinated by the moon and the sun. He knows that in the morning the sun comes up and at night the moon comes out. If you ask him to look for the moon, he will walk around the house saying, "Moon? Where are you?" He also gets upset when its cloudy out at night and he can't see the moon. =]

- His favorite line is, "Uh oh, what happened?" The other day Daddy broke the light switch for the ceiling fan and that sweet little saying came out his mouth. He seems so concerned when he asks it.

- He has officially learned how to make the smacking sound when he gives kisses and he will often say, "Mommy kiss," or "Daddy kiss," when he wants to give one of us a kiss.

- He is learning the alphabet. So far he knows A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

- He can count to 11.

- He likes the the color green.

- His new favorite show is Sponge Bob (sadly).

- He loves to sing along to "Glad You Came" by the Wanted.

- His favorite dance is the Elmo Slide. He asks Daddy to play it every second of every day.

- He loves to swing. Whenever we go to Papa and Nana's house he asks to go on the swing.

- He went fishing for the first time on Sunday with Daddy. :]

- He is too smart for his own good! He now knows how to unlock the baby proof latch on the refrigerator door. =/

- He enjoys making messes and putting everything back where it goes when he is done.

- He has started picking out what shirts he wants to wear for the day.

- He is using the big boy potty. =] He still has yet to tell us when he needs to go pee-pee or poop though. We have to ask him every hour if he wants to sit on the potty. We are working on it.

- He can say his own name. About time, right? :] Only took him two years.

- Amari, unfortunately, is scared of bugs and birds. He freaks out every time he sees a bug or bird getting too close to him.

And pretty much that's what's new with A.J. for the month of April... If I missed anything, I'll add it to next months. ;D

Wordless Wednesday - Life Jacket Time!

Swim Lessons

Earlier this morning at 9:45 Amari had his first swim lesson at the downtown Y. He looked so stinking cute in his blue fishy shorts and Finding Nemo Little Swimmers from last season. I was just stoked that he still fit 'um from last year. :) Stinker has grown so much in last year. We both took a freezing cold shower and at 9:45 we got in the pool. He kept calling the pool a bath; bless his little heart, it was too bad it wasn't as warm as his usual bath. He didn't seem to mind and he clung to me like a little monkey, afraid that I was going to drop him in the water. At first he didn't seem to like it at all. In fact, he kept asking to get out. For the first 45 minutes he joined the 3-5 year old swim class. He did very well and even let teacher Heather take him around a few times in the pool. She thought that he was ready to join an older kid class but the mommy in me says it may be a little too advanced for my 2 year old. So, Amari will be staying in teacher Jen's Parent and Tot class for now. He loved the class so much that he keeps asking to go swim again. He throws a fit when I tell him we won't go swimming until next week. A week is a such a long time in the land of Amari. I'm just so happy that he gets to socialize with other babies and toddlers (not from his daycare class) and gets to focus on learning to not be afraid of the water. He already mastered the art of kicking his little feet when he was an infant in the bath tub. ;D For now, he will just keep swimming and blowing lots of bubbles...

Happy Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with our family. We woke up bright and early on Easter morning and Amari was pleasantly surprised that the Easter Bunny left him a table full of goodies for him to enjoy. He was mostly geeked by the Elmo eggs filled with money instead of the basket full of goodies and sweets. He loves putting money in his piggy and proudly proclaims, "I did it," every time he makes a deposit. =D Amari and I got ready for church and took Trevor to work before we headed over for the Easter service at Calvary. The service and overall message was wonderful and my little man looked exceptionally handsome in his sweater and button-up shirt. I love Easter because it is such a joy to see all the little boys and girls dressed in their best Easter outfits. I look forward to it every year. After the service Amari and I headed home and had a quick lunch and a nap before heading over to Nana and Papa's for dinner with the family. I ended up bring along his basket, eggs, and a small basket for Trevor and was glad that I opted out of baking cookies earlier in the day. We had way too many goodies (lots of cakes!). :] Dinner was delicious as always; Betsy always does such a wonderful job when it comes to family meals. Amari had a blast spending time with his cousin and Auntie and even got a  visit from the Easter Bunny himself! He was thrilled. He loves the Easter Bunny and even two days after Easter he still asks to see the Bunny. Our holiday was a very simple one but very fun-filled and we spent it with the people we love. Happy Easter! 

 Table full of goodies.
 The boys.
Amari loves his Baylor.
 Handsome boy.
 Enjoying the sunshine and warmth with Auntie J.
 Egg hunting time.

 Another basket with more candy that he doesn't need, LOL.
 The Easter Bunny came and surprised him. =]
 Even Bay wanted a photo opt with the bunny.
Enjoying his Easter goodies with Dad.

2 Year Check-up Out the Way at Last

Earlier this afternoon Amari had his two year wellness appointment with Dr. Larsen. He originally was supposed to have his appointment back in March but sadly Dr. Larsen came down with the flu and his appointment had to be rescheduled for today. I got of work early and headed to pick Amari up from daycare before we made our way out to Lacey for his appointment. We checked in and Amari kept talking to the fish in the lobby while we waited for the nurse. We ended up waiting longer than usual but Amari didn't seem to mind. It allowed me to fill out all the proper paperwork while he was entertained by fish. =) His appointment went very well seeing as Trev was at work and unable to help entertain him. We counted to ten, read a book, and Amari sang while we waited and waited for Dr. Larsen. It was good to see him when he finally entered the room. The last time that we had seen him was in August and he commented on how Amari keeps growing like a little weed. Amari is in the 90th percentile for his weight now and the 80th percentile for his height (looks like stinker is starting to slow down just a wee bit). I thought that he was due for shots but thankfully, he is up to date until his three year check-up next February. I'm glad that Amari is healthy and doing well, even though he did try to escape a few times during his appointment, LOL.

Wordless Thursday - An Eventful Wednesday of Park Time and Hair Cuts!