Hand-Foot-And-Mouth-Disease =/

My sweet little prince is ill. Yesterday afternoon while we were at Tia's house up in Covington I noticed a bunch of bumps on his little bum. I cleaned him up and put a new diaper on him and hoped that it was just a rash. By the time we got home from Tia's the rash on his bottom looked worse and the bumps were starting to blister. We put some Butt Cream on his bottom and hoped that it would go away. Sadly his symptoms only seemed to get worse. =/ By morning, his entire buttocks was covered in red blisters and it was starting to spread to his inner thighs. By noon today, the rash has spread to his mouth and hands. His piggy's remain safe for now. While Trev was at his chiropractor appointment I called the on-call nurse at St. Peter's to ask about Amari's symptoms. When I described the bumps, she freaked me out by saying that it sounded like the Chicken Pox's! =/ We ended up getting a second opinion from Betsy, who thankfully has had experience with the illness that my sweet little boy has caught from daycare. Turns out that Mr. Amari has been exposed to Hand-Foot-And-Mouth-Disease (HFMD)! Hand-Foot-And-Mouth-Disease is an illness that causes painful sores to form in and around the mouth, on the hands, feet, and sometimes the buttocks and the legs. and is caused by the enterovirus. In this case, Amari has HFMD on his bottom, hands, and mouth. The disease is easily spread through coughing or sneezing and lasts anywhere from 5-7 days. Hands-Foot-And-Mouth-Disease usually affects children five years of age and younger. I am not looking forward to Amari being sick and in pain for the next week. It will be interesting trying to juggle our work schedules so one of us is always home with stinker. Hopefully he will get better soon. It breaks my heart knowing that Amari is in pain and uncomfortable. Tomorrow when I get home from work I plan on trying an oatmeal bath to see if it will ease some of his discomfort and picking up some Pedialyte pops. Let's jump for joy for Hand-Foot-And-Mouth-Disease...NOT! 

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