Amari is 23 Months Young

Today Amari James is 23 months old. 23 months... In exactly one month he will be 2 years old. I cannot believe that he has been in our lives for almost two long years. I swear I blinked, cause one minute he was kicking me in the ribs and enjoying his cramped, dark, and cozy home in utero and the next he's running around like a mad man on a mission that blabbers and talks nonstop. I figured out his birthday theme a few weeks ago; Elmo and Cookie Monster are Amari's two favorite Sesame Street characters, so why not have an Elmo/Cookie Monster theme for his 2nd birthday? He will love it! I cannot wait to start planning it! =] Happy 23 months stinker baby and enjoy your last month of being 1. You have changed so much in the last year and I cannot wait to see what the next year brings us. =]

Mommy and Daddy love you.

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Daycare Report for Amari's First Week

Amari's first week of daycare has been great. I am happy to report that he is loving it! He gets rather excited when I get home from my morning shift at McLane Elementary School and say, "Are you ready to go to school and see your friends?" He smiles and says, "Babies," and will run to the front door. Trevor and I were both a little worried that he would struggle with adjusting to his new routine and the socialization aspect of being around children his own age. According to his teacher he is adjusting well. He loves to help out, naps great, likes to do art, gets excited when Elmo reads them a story at story time, and interacts with the other toddlers in his class. So far he has yet to hit anyone. =] He also has learned some new words like orange, apple, banana, blue, and hat since starting daycare. I'm not sure if he has learned them from being at daycare or if it is just a boom in his language development. I am just happy that he is enjoying making new friends and getting out of the house for a few hours each day. He does get a little sad when one of his friend's gets picked up for the day and he cries when they leave. =( Hopefully, he will grow out of that soon.

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Amari's 1st Day of Daycare

Today was Amari's first official day of daycare. Trevor and I dropped him off earlier this morning after I got off from work. We started our daycare search in early December and looked at few different sites. We wanted a provider that had a low ratio, staff that interacted with the children that they worked with, and most importantly one that was inexpensive. We decided on a Christian affiliated daycare near downtown Olympia and I must say, we couldn't be any happier! All of the employees are so nice and today they greeted us and Amari as if they had known us for a very long time. We visited the site twice in December and when we took Amari for his first visit he didn't want to leave. He threw the biggest fit! He was having fun playing with the other kids and interacting with his new teacher. I was unable to accompany Trevor when he picked up Amari up from daycare this afternoon because I was at work but he said that his first day of "school" was a blast. Amari's teacher had nothing but wonderful things to say about him. He played nice with the other toddlers, napped well, ate a big lunch, and didn't hit anyone! The hitting I am most proud off. He has a tendency to hit when he is upset and we have been trying to break him of that horrible bad habit. Tomorrow will be day two and I look forward to seeing how my little stinker adjusts to his new routine and interacts with all the other kids at daycare.

 Too excited to look at the camera...
He loves his new school.
 Watching the big kids walk into their room from the parking lot.
 First day of "school" for Amari.
Heading inside with Daddy.
 Hanging out in the toddler room.
He found a ball! LOL 
Content, happy, and ready to play.