Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I cannot believe that October is officially almost over... Tonight we dressed up our sweet little Prince as... *drum roll please* ...a Dragon! He looked so stinking cute in his costume. Last year Amari was a little too young to go trick-or-treating, so we pushed him in his stroller while Luke, Ness, and Olivia went around Ken Lake. He was a spooky little Spider last year. This year he walked from door-to-door with his bucket in hand yelling, "Meow!" instead of trick-or-treat whenever someone opened the front door, LOL. =D Little goofball. We only took him to five house; however, his bucket was pretty full for his first time trick-or-treating.

Amari's first stop was Great Auntie Pam and Baylor's house. It was so cute watching him hold his bucket while he waited for his Auntie to open the front door. He made one darling little Dragon I must admit! XD When she put in his first piece of candy and he realized that he was going to get treats so he held up his bucket so she could put more candy in it for him. He insisted on six candy bars and three Laffy Taffy before heading inside for a photo opt.

His second stop was Nana and Papa's house (even though they are in Hawaii at the moment relaxing in the sunshine and warmth). Grammy B, Poppi, Auntie J, and Ness were there handing out candy this year. The fog machine intrigued Amari and he insisted that Grammy put three pieces of candy in his bucket before yelling out "Poppi" and running into the house to find him. He loves his Grandpa very much. =)

The third house that he graced his presence with was Todd, Michelle, and Henry's. They had made him a special treat bag with yummies and gave him a Halloween book which pleased him very much. He loves books. He kept showing off by clapping, smiling at baby Henry, and kissing Towlie their dog (cause Nemo doesn't allow Amari to give him kisses). Before heading back to Papa and Nana's we stopped at Judy's across the street and next door neighbor before going back inside for the evening.

Our Halloween was a simple one, relaxing, and the three of us got to spend some time together cause Trevor didn't have to work.

Happy Hallow's Eve!

 Little Dragon & Gangsta Ness

 Luke, "The Bum"

Amari's Jack-o-lantern

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