What's New with A.J. - The Month of September

Toddlerhood is amazing. It truly, truly is. Everyday Amari learns something knew. He is quite the curious little bugger; getting into everything... and I mean everything! He he has learned how to un-baby proof the house by pulling out all the light plugs. We have yet to lock the cabinets. We need to get on that! He takes out all the pots and pans and likes to pretend he is playing the drums. I love watching him grow up into a little person. It makes me so proud to be his Mama.

- Amari loves to play with bowls. He can sit on the floor for hours putting spoons and forks into a bowl and taking them back out and putting them into another bowl. I'm constantly washing dishes, but as long as he is learning that is truly all that matters.

- He is officially climbing! It was delayed (thank God), but he has mastered the art within a few short days. He climbs everything and I mean everything. The couch, coffee table, side tables. Hopefully, he won't figure out how to climb out of his crib any time soon.

- One of his favorite things to do is turn the floor lamp on and off. We are still working on the words "on" and "off" so he can learn how to say them. =]

- He LOVES cookies! He walks around the house saying, "Cookie, cookie, cookie" over and over again. He loves them that much. He asks for them all the time and gets upset when you tell him "No cookie" or don't give him one.

- His newest sentence is, "What are you doing?" This is his favorite question to ask me when I'm putting my make-up on in the morning or doing my hair.

- He now knows where his ears are. When you ask him where his ears are, he will plug them with his thumbs and start blabbing like a goon. =]

- He also knows where his toes are... only, he knows them as "Piggy's". =D If you ask him "Where's your piggy's?" He will grab one of his feet and point to his toes.

- Amari has also developed quit the sweet tooth. He loves cookies, ice cream, and who would have guested it... CANDY CORNS! =D

- He has almost mastered the summersault. He tends to get stuck and needs an extra push to roll over every once in a while.

- He loves water! I call him my little guppy. If he hears the shower turn on, he will want to take a shower with whoever is taking one. He also likes to play with the tap water in the sink and if the sprinkler system happens to go off he gets extra excited and wants to play in it.

- He has officially entered the TERRIBLE TWO'S! Little man has a temper... I know he didn't get it from me... *shifty eyes* Okay, he did. When he gets mad, he likes to hit, throw things, or bang his head against the wall or floor. =/ We are working on nipping all that in the butt!

And that is pretty much what's new with A.J. these days.

Kitty ears...
He didn't care for them... LOL

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