What's New with A.J. - The Month of August

I know I say this every month, but toddlerhood is my absolute favorite! It is amazing how intelligent Amari is at 17 months. In the past week he has learned new words, body parts, and knows what sound a dog, cat, and monkey make. He is constantly learning and I enjoy watching him learn new things on a daily basis. My goal for him is to help him become a life long learner.

- Amari has learned how to say "cookie" thanks to Farmer Cookie Monster. If you ask him if he wants a cookie, he will say, "cookie" and run into the kitchen and point to the cupboard where his cookies are at.

- He has learned how to say ball, Poppi for Grandpa and Papa, Nani for his Auntie Kayleen, and J-sah for his Auntie Janessa.

- His newest sentence is "Here you go".

- He says "weeee" every time he goes down a slid or jumps off the couch. He is my little adventure seeker these days.

- Dogs are still his favorite animal of all time. If you ask him what sound a doggie makes he will go "woof woof".

- When he sees a picture of a cat or if you ask him what sound a kitty makes he will meow like a cat.

- He knows where his nose and belly button are. We are currently working on toes and eyes.

- He is learning how to do a summersalt. =D

- He loves to play with toy cars and trucks. We are currently trying to teach him the difference between a fire truck and an ambulance. He is starting to recognize them when he sees them driving on the road. He just doesn't know what to call them, LOL.

- His newest favorite show to watch is "Sid the Science Kid". Got to love PBS for making their shows multicultural and diverse.

- Amari is now rocking size 6 shoes.

- He still loves to dance. =]

And that is pretty much what is new with A.J. these days!

 Cutie pie.
 White T and stunna shades from Alaska. 
Thanks Grammy and Grandpa!
 Amari and Janessa rockin' there awesome glasses and matching shirts.
 Mmm, banana.
 Nakie time due to a horrible rash. 
 Play time at the park with Daddy.
Sweet little guy.
Throwing a fit...
Lots of head banging.

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