Priest Point Park

The beauty of living in the Pacific Northwest is all the lush green trees and access to forests, the coast, the mountains, and the plains. When I was younger I never was the outdoorsy type. Now that I'm older I appreciate nature a lot more. I think it is the Greener in me. =D
I did my undergraduate studies at The Evergreen State College. I moved from Portland to Olympia to go to a liberal arts and science college right smack dab in the middle of the forest. Yes the forest! The city girl in me took years to adjust to the thousand acres of forest but I have come to love and appreciate the environment around me. Evergreen's campus is absolutely beautiful and part of the colleges property is half a mile of beach front property off the Puget Sound. The city of Olympia has a lot of beautiful parks as well. 
Yesterday Trev, Amari and I headed to Priest Point park. It was my first time at the park. When we were planning our June wedding we were originally going to get married in the Rose Garden but than it dawned on us that it might still be raining in June so it was no longer an option for us. The park is gorgeous with lots of trails, a play ground that Amari absolutely loved, and we both got a lot of exercise pushing Amari up hill in the stroller (that was not made for the rocky terrain, LOL). I'm not sure how many miles we walked; seeing as most of it was uphill, but it was a great walk and we had a great time at the park. 

Amari enjoying his snack.
Mmm, puffs.
It was hard pushing him downhill in this thing.
We needed my jogger stroller for this walk.
A few from the bay.
The trail. 
Daddy and Amari.
The crying shot! 
Playing with a log on the ground.
The beautiful trees at Priest Point Park.
The evil hill that kicked Trev and my butt.
Swinging at the play ground. 
Right before he feel and busted his bottom lip. 
Watching the other kids play.
Amari <3 the swing. 
Slide time with Daddy.
The gazebo at the Rose Garden.
A pretty rose. 

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