18 Month Wellness

This morning Amari had his 18 month check-up. It went pretty well. He did give Dr. Larsen the stank eye when he came into the room. He thought he had the shots. =]
He is not a fan of shots and was pretty weary around the nurse and Dr. Larsen. He didn't warm up until he got to play with Daddy's keys. Stinker is 26 pounds and 4 ounces, putting him in the 58th percentile.  He is now 34 inches tall and is in the 90th percentile for height. He grew an inch since his last visit. =D I think he is going to be tall when he gets older. I have to make sure that I put things up really high so he can't grab them. His head circumference is 19 inches, which puts him in the 65th percentile. He only got one shot today, which made him happy even though he couldn't express it. He ended up getting his last round of the hepatitis A vaccination and took it like a champ! He cried for less than a minute before asking for a cookie, LOL.

Amari was given a referral to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital to be tested for autism by a specialist. He is sensitive to high pitched sounds and covers his ears, he bangs his head on the floor or wall when he is upset or angry, and he stares off into space sometimes when not looking at an object. Dr. Larsen reassured us that he didn't think that Amari was autistic because his speech development and fine motor skills are great, but both Trevor and I want to make sure that nothing is wrong with our son. We should be going up to Mary Bridge within the next month. Overall, we were very pleased with his check-up and everything went great.

Mr. Serious
Happy boy. 
He loves the crinkly paper. 
Smacking the crinkly paper, LOL.
Bouncing with a very serious expression.
Mmm, nummies. 
Big guy!

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