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Capital Cougar Football Practice

Go Cougs! This afternoon we met Papa at Capital High School to watch Baylor practice. Capital is right behind our house but we made a quick pit stop at Rite Aid to get some sweet tea and snacks before heading over. We watched the J.V. team practice for a while before the varsity team showed up. While we waited, I took Amari on a walk around the track. He had a blast. Stinker has so much energy that running is the only way to get it out. On Sunday he ran around the track two times after our mile and half walk. I may have to take him there every night since he loves running so much. Beats the playground. =]
When the players showed up, he was so intrigued by all of them and every time they threw or kicked a football he would yell out, "ball". He wanted to play with them so badly but I wouldn't let him. Maybe next time Amari. One day he will play football... he just has to wait a few more years. 

 This picture is from "Sand in the City" over the weekend.
How awesome is that Cougar?
 "Sand in the City" football.
Go Cougs!
Hopefully Capital will be number 1 this season. 
 One day...
He will play on this field... 
Can you picture him in football gear?
I sure can. 
Quarterback, Receiver, maybe a Runningback?
 Future track star!
 Playin' with arrows.
 Hey! Why is there hay on the track?
Didn't bother Amari, he kept throwing it in the air, lol.
 Running on the track.
 "Down, set, hike!"
Sippy cup throwing time.
 He's already excited to play football.
 Watching the big boys play ball.
 Walking up the hill with Papa and Daddy.
 The field...
Not the field they play on though.
 Papa, Daddy, and Amari waiting for Baylor's practice to start.
 Looking for goodies.
 Who would'a thought he'd love to play on the bleachers? 
 Horrible picture of me, cute picture of my little man. 
The Cougs warming up for the day. 
Baylor is somewhere... 

An Unexpected Choking Encounter

I don't know how many times I have thought about what I would do if Amari ever started choking on his food during meal times. What would I do? How would I react? Would I be able to perform the baby Heimlich Maneuver on my own son? Would I remain clam in a scary situation like that? The answer to all of my questions was yes...

Tonight Amari choked on a piece of tortellini because he didn't chew it before trying to swallow it. Whenever I feed him pasta for dinner I make sure that I cut the pasta into smaller pieces but I must have missed one because it was the one that got stuck in his wind pipe. I heard a horrible gagging sound (one that all of my CPR instructors had told me about during my re-certification trainings) and saw the horror struck look on his face an instantly knew that he was choking. I dropped what I was doing in the kitchen and went to him. I grabbed him out of his booster seat and tossed his table to floor (tortellini and pasta sauce all over my newly cleaned carpet) and flipped him so he was upside down and pointing towards the ground head first and smacked him hard on his back two times until I no longer heard the horrible gagging sound and he started to fuss a little. I sat him on my knee and did the finger swipe to get the tortellini out of his mouth and sighed with relief. My sweet precious prince was okay. I didn't start freaking out until afterwards.

Instinctively, I knew what to do. I remembered everything that I had learned in my trainings over the past ten years and I remained calm and was able to preform the baby Heimlich Maneuver on my son effectively and safely. I hope I never have to perform it on him again and I hope that Amari has learned to chew his food all the way before trying to swallow it. At the end of the day, he was probably more afraid than I was... My calmness kept him calm and his safety is all that matters to me.

Amari's Birth Story

Well… it has taken me exactly 18 months to write my son’s birth story. Better late then never right? My due date was February 19, 2010. When the date had gone and past, I was pretty upset. I wanted my little bundle of joy to make his grand debut. I was also sick-and-tired of being pregnant. Dr. Larsen kept telling me that I could go into labor any time. I had been experiencing Braxton Hick’s Contractions for weeks off and on and sometimes they would last for hours. At my 41-week check-up I had my membranes stripped (the first attempt of stripping my membranes at my 40-week check-up was an epic fail,) and “Bump’s” heart rate was monitored for thirty minutes. Dr. Larsen told me that the baby’s heart sound great but he wanted an ultra sound done to check my fluid amount and to see what position the baby was in. Before leaving to the hospital we discussed that on Monday morning (if I had yet to go into labor on my own) that I would be induced. He hoped that I wouldn’t go into labor over the weekend because 1.) He was out of town for a romantic get away with his wife and 2.) Labor and Delivery was going to be busy with thirty patients having their babies.

Trev and I made our way across the street to Saint Peter’s Hospital. We got checked in and waited in the waiting room for the ultrasound technician. Just in case, we kept both of our bags and the babies diaper bag in the car. I was feeling antsy as we waited for over an hour. When she finally came to get us it was almost eleven o’clock in the morning and I had to pee like a racehorse but couldn’t because she needed my bladder to be full. I got settled on the table and couldn’t help but smile when she asked us if we knew the gender of the baby. She was the same technician that had told us at our 17-week check-up that she was 75% sure that we were having a boy. She asked us if we wanted to know the gender for sure this time and we said yes. While on the table I was starting to have contracts but I ignored them and let her do her job. When she finished what she needed to do she asked us to wait in the waiting room and she would call Dr. Larsen to see if he wanted us to come back to his office or go home. We waited… and waited… and waited. We waited for a whole hour until a nurse came over and told us that we needed to go the Labor and Delivery now. Trev and I looked at each other and started walking to L & D without any questions. We had no idea what was going on. Thankfully, I had taken care of the hospital registration in January and all we needed to do was get checked in. We headed into Exam Room 2 and waited for one of the nurses. We still had no idea what was going on and neither did the nurses.  Trev left to go outside and call Betsy to let her know that we were in Labor and Delivery and that she should come as soon as possible. My contractions were starting to get a little more intense; I was more worried as to why we were sent to L&D in the first place. I didn’t get an explanation until an hour later when Dr. Larsen called to tell the nurses that I had 1 centimeter of fluid and that I was going to be induced tonight. Panic started to sink in. My doctor wasn’t going to be there to deliver my baby! Thankfully he assured me that I was in good hands with his colleague. I had Trevor call my sister Sheila so she could make arrangements to head up to Olympia and to call Randy who was down in Portland for a recruitment event for the college.

Around four o’clock I was moved from the exam room into one of the delivery rooms. I somehow magically persuaded Dr. Larsen’s colleague (I can’t remember his name now) to let me eat. I was starving and seeing as I wasn’t going to be given any pitocin until later that night he didn’t see a problem with me having something to eat. I ordered the most delicious salmon fettuccine and gobbled the entire plate up. It was yummy.

By ten o’clock I was in labor and the pain was horrible. Every time I had a contraction it wrap from my stomach all the way around my back. Because they needed to monitor the baby, I had to be lying down and let me assure you, I did not want to lie down! I wanted to stand up or lean over the bed because it eased some of the pain. I had experienced pain before, but never to this extent. Noting compares to it. I’ll take a 65 mph fastpitch to wrist again over labor any day. I kept telling Trev that I wanted to rip my spine out or cut of one of my limbs cause it would distract me from all the pain by causing pain somewhere else. I was dead serious. All I felt was pressure from his head lowering into the birth canal and every time I had a contraction the pain in my lower back got worse and worse. The nurse had to give me medication so I could get some sleep but it made me super nauseous. I ended up purging salmon fettuccini all over the floor! Gross…

amnioinfusion. For those of you who do not know what an amnioinfusion is, it is where they pump fluid into the amniotic cavity through a long tube that has been entered transcervically and goes into the uterus. 

All I remember is that time went by really, really, and I mean really slowly. I remember just staring at the T.V. (can’t even remember what was on) while Trevor tried to rest on the other side of the room. Around four the nurses rushed in, followed by my doctor. They changed my position, told me to remain on my left side. I don’t know how many times they had to do this… laying on my left side was soOo uncomfortable. The baby was in distress from labor and his heart rate kept doing a bowl affect that concerned them. Eventually they decided to do a Cesarean Section to delivery him quickly and safely.

I had never had surgery before and all I remember thinking was that I was scared shitless but that I was in good hands if anything was to go wrong. I vomited up whatever they had given me before the surgery and I remember feeling sad and helpless because my heart was set on a vaginal delivery and I wasn't going to get that. =( 
They prepped my for surgery (which felt like forever) until they let Trevor come into the room. I remember them asking me lots and lots of question but I was so out of it due to fatigue and all the anesthesia they had given me that I could barely even answer. I just remember telling Trev that I couldn't wait to meet the little person that had been kicking me for 9 months! I could feel them tugging and pulling, which creped me out because they were touching my insides! The Anesthesiologist ended up giving me morphine to calm me down a bit. It worked of course.

Ten minutes after my surgery had started Amari James Durant was born at 5:51 p.m. at Saint Peter’s Hospital in Olympia. He weighed 8 pounds, 13 ounces and was 21 inches long. He was absolutely beautiful with all his raven hair and cute little birthmark the size of a beauty mark on his right foot. Trevor was right when he told me he was gorgeous. He was the most beautiful boy that I had ever laid eyes on and I loved him instantly.

Happy 1 year and a ½ Amari. Mommy and Daddy love you so much, words cannot even express it. You are loved, adored, and treasured. You are such an amazing little boy. 

Amari James Durant
 10 minutes old.
 Exhausted Mommy & son.
<3 <3 <3
Our family of three.

18 Month Wellness

This morning Amari had his 18 month check-up. It went pretty well. He did give Dr. Larsen the stank eye when he came into the room. He thought he had the shots. =]
He is not a fan of shots and was pretty weary around the nurse and Dr. Larsen. He didn't warm up until he got to play with Daddy's keys. Stinker is 26 pounds and 4 ounces, putting him in the 58th percentile.  He is now 34 inches tall and is in the 90th percentile for height. He grew an inch since his last visit. =D I think he is going to be tall when he gets older. I have to make sure that I put things up really high so he can't grab them. His head circumference is 19 inches, which puts him in the 65th percentile. He only got one shot today, which made him happy even though he couldn't express it. He ended up getting his last round of the hepatitis A vaccination and took it like a champ! He cried for less than a minute before asking for a cookie, LOL.

Amari was given a referral to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital to be tested for autism by a specialist. He is sensitive to high pitched sounds and covers his ears, he bangs his head on the floor or wall when he is upset or angry, and he stares off into space sometimes when not looking at an object. Dr. Larsen reassured us that he didn't think that Amari was autistic because his speech development and fine motor skills are great, but both Trevor and I want to make sure that nothing is wrong with our son. We should be going up to Mary Bridge within the next month. Overall, we were very pleased with his check-up and everything went great.

Mr. Serious
Happy boy. 
He loves the crinkly paper. 
Smacking the crinkly paper, LOL.
Bouncing with a very serious expression.
Mmm, nummies. 
Big guy!

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