What's New with A.J. - The Month of July

Toddlerhood is awesome! This is definitely my favorite age. Amari is a blast these days and every day gets more and more exciting. He has learned so many new things over the last month and I hope I can remember them all.

- Amari is runner. He runs everywhere and finds it funny when you chase him. We have to make sure he has his Mickey Mouse leash on whenever we are in parking lots just to keep him safe.

- He says, "here", "what's that?", "what is it?", and "can I have it?" now. The word "doggie" still remains to be his favorite word though. We are working on "no" and "kitty" at the moment.

- He loves to play the Wii! Well, he thinks he is playing it even though he is not. He likes to walk around the living room with a Wii controller in hand as he flings his little arms around as he "plays". It is pretty cute to watch. Sometimes Daddy lets him play bowling with him. =)

- Amari is pretty athletic and as he masters the art of walking his coordination gets better and better. He seems to do everything left-handed these days. He also throws anything and everything and I mean everything, from food to toys. We are trying to break the habit of throwing everything with the exception of balls. He has got an arm too! I think we might have a future short stop or center fielder on our hands.

- He is the sweetest little man. He loves to give kisses. =] If you ask him for a kiss he will plant one on your cheek. Sometimes he gives you kisses just because he wants too.

- He has dance, dance, dance fever! Amari loves to dance. When were are at home he does the baby dance that all babies do and when we are in the car he bobs his head to the beat of the music and kicks his feet. He seriously jams out. His favorite songs right now is "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull and Ne-Yo.

- Amari also sings along to Britney Spears (LMAO)! When "Tell The World Ends" comes on and gets to the "woah oh oh oh oh oh woah oh oh oh" part of the song you can hear him singing, "Oh, oh, oh, oh". =D It is pretty cute.

And that is pretty much what is new with A.J. these days.

 He was mad cause Daddy kept spraying him with the hose cause it was hot out.
Still not happy with Daddy. 

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