BBQ Sunday at Randy's

Today was the perfect day for a BBQ at Randy's house. It was gorgeous out, even though it was a last minute invite. We were almost out the door when we got the call and seeing as we were on our way to Bayview anyways to get groceries we didn't mind picking up some extra corn or Dr. Pepper and Pepsi four our meal. Once we were done shopping we headed over to my brother's house to start up the grill and prep the food. Raquel and Jeff joined us and they brought some marinated Korean barbecue short ribs. We had some difficulties with Randy's upstairs neighbor complaining about the smoke from charcoal grill but there was nothing we could do about the wind. Once the Italian turkey dogs, corn, and flanken style ribs were done we all chowed done. The Korean barbecue was delicious! =D Even Amari loved it. He also loved running around the backyard like Max from Where The Wild Things Are and trying to eat rocks (which Mommy kept taking from him) and playing catch with his Spiderman ball with Unc-Randy and Daddy. He had a blast and their is nothing better than good food and spending time with family and friends. =]

Flanken style short ribs.

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