Amari's First Seattle Mariner Hat

Last Friday the Durant's headed to the mall. Trev was on a mission to buy a new snap-back hat and I thought it would be fun to buy Amari his first baseball cap. We headed to Lids after making a stop at Starbucks for some hot drinks seeing as it was cool and rainy in Oly. I'm not a fan of the Capital Mall, prefer Lloyd Center in Portland or the Tacoma Mall. In my opinion the stores are better and their are more options. The Capital Mall hat game was kind of weak. One day, I'll have to take Trevor to Lloyd Center so he can experience the awesomeness of Lids. He would have a lot more hat choices to pick from.

The kids section only had a few hats. They had two Mariners hats and some other Disney hats that I wasn't to fond off. I thought the Seattle hat with Mickey on it was cute and it happened to be the only hat that was toddler sized at the store. It also was pretty inexpensive and Amari kept trying to kiss Mickey, LOL. After purchasing the hat, Mr. Happy Feet seemed pretty excited on the way out of Lids and kept touching his head to make sure that his baseball cap was still on his head. He loves his new hat! And I think he looks pretty cute! =]

Amari rockin' his new Seattle Mariner hat.
Cutie pie.
I don't know what Trevor is doing in this picture.
At least Amari is smiling. =]
Nothing but smiles with Daddy.
Trev ended up buying a Cleveland Hornet's snap-back hat.
Like his Daddy, he likes to wear his hat to the side.
His hat has Mickey on it.

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