What's New with A.J. - The Month of June

Have I mentioned that Toddlerhood is my favorite? I absolutely adore it, it is so much fun or perhaps it's stinker that is so much fun. Everyday he learns something new and it just amazes me at how quickly he learns.  He went from crawling like a champ to walking in a matter of weeks and his vocabulary gets better and better as the days go on. My goal for him is to know at least 20-25 words buy the time he's 2. 

- Amari no longer walks like he's drunk. For a long time he would stagger, walk in circles, or fall down. He now walks in a semi straight line (for the most part) and has even started running! Yes, he is one of those babies; learns to walk and starts running the next day.

-  He says "hello" and it actually sounds like hello instead of "el-ooh". =] He likes to walk around the house with his sippy in one hand and something else in the other (clicker, Wii controller, toy phone, Scout, etc.) saying, "hello, hello, hello" over-and-over again. He will even say "hello" to strangers when we are at the supermarket or at Target.

- Remote controls, Wii controllers, and cell phones fascinate him. He knows that the remotes control the Blu Ray and the T.V. He likes to try to change the channel or put on his favorite shows, which happen to be Veggie Tales and Sesame Street. He even likes playing the Wii. We ended up buying a one a few weeks ago and Grammy B and Auntie J let stinker playing their Wii when he slept over. Let's just say that he loves the Wii controller and if you try to take it from him he throws a fit. =/

- Amari is pretty athletic. At only 15 months, he has an arm on him (I think he got it from his mama!). He will pick up anything and everything and throw it as hard as he can across the room. He'll throw clothes, his shoes, his soccer ball, football, controllers, you name it, he'll throw it! We think he's going to be a lefty. =]

- He loves giving open mouth kisses (because he hasn't learned to pucker his lips yet)! =P If you ask him to give you a kiss he will walk over to you and plant a sweet juicy kiss on your cheek. Aww, so sweet. What an Angel Doll right?

- He even helps Mommy put away his laundry. He likes to hand me hangers while I put his shirts and onsies on the hanger and hang them up in the closet. He will even hand me his pants or tops that need to be put away in his dresser. On occasion, he'll even help me put away Daddy and my clothes. I cannot wait to teach how to fold clothes... although I don't think that will be any time soon. I can dream right? ;D

- Instead of calling me "mum mum", he now calls me Mommy. =]

- He has learned how to say, "What's that," only it sounds more like "watsss dat". He will point at random things that catch his attention and say, "What's that? What's that?"

- He recognizes people in pictures. I'm a picture-holic and have lots and lots of pictures displayed throughout the house. Amari will point at a picture and say, "Mommy" or "Daddy" and will wave at himself because he hasn't figured out that the baby in the picture is him, LOL.

And that is pretty much what's new with A.J. these days!

Isn't he cute? 
My sweet little monster boy.
 Playing the Wii with Grandpa and Daddy on Memorial Day. =]
Trying to change the channel.

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