Spring, Sunshine, and Grass

For the past few days it has been gorgeous in Oly and our family has enjoyed the sunshine. It officially feels like spring in the Pacific Northwest! About time right? The temperature has been in the high 60's, no rain (with the exception of a light drizzle on Monday night), and Amari loves walking outside (yes it is official, our baby is walking!) and going for long strolls in his jogger stroller.

He even experienced the sensation of grass for the first time on his toes and little chicken legs in Papa and Nana's back yard and at Grammy B and Grandpa's front yard over the weekend. Let's just say he wasn't too found of the grass. I think he was actually afraid of it! He didn't cry, which would have been funny, instead he sat cross legged with his right leg held up off the ground because he didn't want the grass rubbing against the back of his thighs. What a funny little man. =]

 First time in the grass.
 He looks disgusted being in the grass. 
 See, one leg up. 
Not a fan of grass.
 Okay, I lied... I forgot that we had a crying picture.
This picture makes me giggle. 
Look at that face!
Mean muggin', LOL

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