What's New with A.J. - The Month of April

Amari is growing up so fast. He is no longer my sweet little baby boy, he is my big toddler now. It is crazy to think how much growth and development has taken place over the last 13 months with him. He went from being helpless to being a speed demon crawler who is currently in the process of learning how to walk and talk. I absolutely adore this age and I cannot wait for him to learn and accomplish his new milestones.

- Dogs are Amari's favorite animal and every time he sees a dog he will start saying, "Doggie, doggie" over-and-over again, his voice getting rather high-pitched due to his excitement. Nemo (Grammy B and Grandpa's little dog), is his favorite doggie of them all. Tis' a shame that he can't pet him (he has a tendency to growl and possibly bit children because they scare him). He doesn't seem to frighten Amari though. Stinker is fearless. Amari also knows when we are going to Grandma and Grandpa's house. As soon as we turn down 57th Avenue you can hear him screaming in the backseat "doggie, doggie" at the top of his lungs and he'll start kicking his feet with excitement.

- Amari has mastered the drop game! Drives mommy and daddy nuts but he has added on a new twist. He has learned how to say, "Uh oh," only it comes out like "uhhh ahhhh" when he says it! He finds it hilarious when he is holding his sippy cup (or whatever object is in his hand) and he will look at you and will let it go. As soon as it hits the floor he'll look up and will say, "uhhh ahhhh".

- He has mastered the art of crawling and pulling himself up to a stand by using end tables, chairs, the coffee table, the wall, etc. A few days ago he took his first steps before falling to his knees and crawling away. I think he surprised himself; didn't expect to be walking on his feet. Trev and I think that he will be officially walking (hopefully, cross your fingers) by the end of the month. We will see though. My goal for him is by June 18th. He needs to be able to walk down the aisle seeing as he is our ring barer.

- Veggie Tales and Sesame Street are Amari's favorite shows to watch. He loves the opening theme song to Veggie Tales and will sit on the floor and kick his feet with excitement and start dancing while Bob the Tomato sings and Larry the Cucumber plays the trombone. When he watches Sesame Street he smiles and calls all of the monsters doggies. Cats in Amari's world are also doggies. Everything is a doggie to him! =]

- Stinker loves music. Rihanna still remains to be his favorite musician (if you can ever call her one). If an upbeat song comes on the radio he will stop what he's doing and will start getting his little grove on. I think we'll have to put him in dance lessons as soon as he is old enough.

- He has also learned how to turn the T.V. on-and-off without the remote! Drives us nuts, but it shows how smart he is. He knows what button turns it on, how to change the channel, and turn the volume up. He even knows how to turn on the Blu Ray and put on Netflixs! What other one-year-old knows how to do that? Not many. We really need to get a new entertainment system. Once a week I clean the bottom of the screen to wipe away his little finger prints. I can't believe how tech-savvy my one-year-old is!

- Amari's favorite person to play with is his Auntie J. He absolutely adores her and gets pretty excited whenever she's around. He gives her hugs and open-mouth kisses (because he hasn't learned how to pucker his lips yet). They often play in his corral at Grandma and Grandpa's and at Great Papa and Nana's house.

And that is pretty much what's new with A.J. these days!

An old picture, but a cute one of Auntie J feeding Amari is green beans. Yummy!

Snow bunnies! It was a little too cold of A.J. that day.

Dancing in Fuji

Rice Stash! Lol

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