Yup, We Are Almost All Moved In!

I'll tell you, moving with a one year old is rough! At least we are all moved in and trying to get settled into our new place. Getting a new apartment was a process (took an entire 2 weeks with all the paperwork we had to sign and submit) but it was worth it. The place is ginormous! There is so much room that I don't know what to do with it all.

I still have a few things to unpack and put away, but I'm almost done decorating Amari's room! I'm just waiting for his personalized wall art that I ordered from Etsy to come. The 8 x 10 birth announcement I ordered  from SweetpeaKidPrints should arrive on Saturday or Monday and I'm waiting on the hand-painted wooden letter's from PoshDots. I cannot wait for my goodies to arrive. I seriously love Etsy. It is now my favorite place to shop for things. Thanks Anna Marie (my cousin) for telling me about it! The cute bubble wall decals are on his walls (adding a nice pop of chocolate brown and baby blue against the stark whiteness of the walls) and I just need to hang up his curtains; although, I can't decide if I want to stick with the white sheer ones I got from a co-worker of mine or purchase thicker chocolate brown ones.

Decisions, decisions.

I have yet to tackle Trevor and my room. Boxes are all over the place! At least our clothes are hung up (well most of them anyways). I swear, the bedroom is always the last room to be unpacked. I have a feeling that our room won't be complete until after our wedding. I really want a new comforter set but being the man that he is, he keeps telling me to wait and put it on the registry. I want it now! Must be the super stubborn Scorpio in me. =) It doesn't help that Trev is also a Scorpio! I have the "I desire" and must have it mentality. Blame it on the Scorpio, I can't help it! I did find the cutest bedroom set at a Ross two weeks ago. I wanted it so bad but didn't get it. I'm hoping it is still there... It was so awesome and matched our bedroom colors perfectly and to make it even better there are twenty different combinations to choose from! How freaking awesome is that!

The kitchen and living room are pretty much done. Just got to recycle all the boxes and finish putting up the picture frames and organize our new bookcase with all my books and mount it to the wall. Oh, and hang up the window treatments (can't have Capital High Schoolers staring into my house while they skip classes now can we? At least we can keep tabs for Grammy B while she is working as a security guard patrolling the campus and trying to keep kids from getting into trouble)! =D

I'll post pictures as soon as the entire place is unpacked and looking homier!

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