Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Trev and I are kind of anti-Valentine’s Day and feel that love should be expressed all 365 days of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day, which is why it took me a whole 3 days later to update you on the wild and crazy adventures of the Durant’s 1st Valentine's Day together. We did celebrate Amari’s first Valentine’s Day and we showered him with some new toys and a cute shirt. They make the cutest attire for little kids and our little guy rocked a long sleeved onsie that said, “#1 with the ladies”. Let’s just say that his Valentine’s Day shirt was very fitting for the evening.

We went on a mission to Lacey to go have dinner at Taco del Mar and when we got there the restaurant was closed! Bummed, we had to figure out where we were going to next. I was starving and in the mood for Mexican food and the wait at Olive Garden, Applebee’s, Red Robin, and the Outback would have been ridiculous. Those restaurants were not options! Trev remembered a local restaurant called Paco’s Tacos and so we headed on over there. When we walked inside there was another family with their 9 month old daughter. We sat a few tables away from them and ordered our super huge and rather delicious burritos. The owner’s daughters sat a table away and Amari managed to turn himself around in his highchair and literally started to get his flirt on with her. It was the funniest thing to witness. Stinker isn’t even one yet and he sure knows how to flirt! I can’t even imagine what he’s going to be like when he is a teenager. He is, by far, the biggest baby flirt that I have ever encountered. He kept making this clicky sound (which his uncle Shawn taught him how to do when he was itty-bitty) to get her attention whenever she looked away from him. I could barely get him to eat his dinner. He just wanted to flirt with her! Than he noticed the baby girl and he kept on staring at her too. Towards the end of our meal the owner brought the baby girl over to say hi and A.J. just kept staring at her. He even tried to hold her hand. It was so cute. But than the owner’s daughter came over and he flashed her his super cute baby grin and carried on flirting with her. The owner of Paco’s Tacos thought that it was hilarious and he told Amari that his daughter was too old for him and that he shouldn’t go after the Cougs!  Amari is a little stud muffin and seems to get all the ladies, young and old. 

After dinner we ventured on over to Grandpa and Grandma Durant's house. Trev and I chit chatted with his parents about wedding plans and Amari chased his Auntie J around the living room.  All in all, our Valentine's Day was pretty laid back and chill. We spent our time with the people that we love. 

Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you!  

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