And the Newest Word is "Dah-gee" aka Doggie

Yup, that's right! Amari just started saying the word "dah-gee" yesterday even though we do not have a dog! The only doggie that he has ever seen is Grandma and Grandpa's little dog Nemo. And to be fair, Nemo is not the biggest fan of Amari. He gets super jealous of him.

Amari spent the day with Grandpa and Auntie J while Trevor and I were at work and that was when he started saying "dah-gee" over-and-over again. Of course, being the stubborn little boy that he is, he waited until we got home to say it for mom and dad. I was reading him "Puppy Love", a book that I bought him for Valentine's Day. He took one look at the cover and looked at me and said, "dah-gee, dah-gee". I couldn't help but smile. There is nothing more fulfilling than hearing your little one learning how to speak.

He now says "ma-mum", "da da", "nigh-nigh", and "dah-gee". Oh yes, and he even quacks like a duck! It is the funniest thing!


  1. How cute! They are so much fun at this have a beautiful family!

  2. Thank you! I am enjoy him. He keeps us so busy and constantly on our toes. =] I love reading your blog btw.