Christmas Durant Style

We started out our Christmas vacation on December 23rd with a two hour road trip down south to P-town Oregon to visit Great Grandma Dee Dee, Grandma Debbie, Great Auntie Donna, and Uncle Bob. It was an eventful day filled with bridesmaid dress deciding, WTF moments brought upon by the one and only mom also known as Grandma Debbie, and gifts for Mr. Amari. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments with Amari shaking his head “no” whenever Grandma Debbie wanted him. He was perfectly content kickin’ it with Uncle Cornelius and looking around at the five annoying cats (with the exception of Buddy the maine coon cat) that live in Great Grandma’s house. We sat around sipping Duncan Doughnut’s coffee and mingled about the little things. I swear, if one more person in my family *cough, cough* mom and Grandma Dee; asks me when Trev and I are going to start trying for a girl I’m going to rip my hair out. Thanks Cornelius for having my back on that one! The women in my family don’t really seem to listen.

Bridesmaid dress deciding was an event all on its own. My two little sisters, Sheila and Leanna and Trev’s littler sister and my soon-to-be sister in law Kay took a trip down 82nd Avenue to the David’s Bridal in Clackamas. I had a dress in mind but once they saw it they kicked it to the curb. It took us a whole 52 minutes on deciding on a dress. We finally decided on a short strapless satin dress with paillette details in apple. Thank goodness that bridesmaid dress deciding is over!

It’s a lot harder than most people think.

Christmas Eve was spent with Grammy B, Grandpa, Kay, and Auntie J at the S house in Tumwater. The S’s have three sons and the cutest terrier ever! He was the sweetest dog and he even gave Amari kisses. How freaking cute is that? Very, if you ask me!

We ate good food and played a game called “Would You Rather”. Normally, I am not the game playing type unless it involves a 65 mph fastball flying at my face. Somehow everyone managed to persuade me to play and I must admit it, it was rather fun and enlightening. I came to the conclusion that I would rather have an Elk living in my bedroom than sharing my bathroom with a man with a horrible skin condition. Could you imagine sharing a bathroom with a man with a horrible skin condition? Yuck, I sure as hell couldn’t.   

All in all our Christmas Eve was a pleasant one. Laid back and simple just like Miss C likes it.

Christmas Day was amazing I must admit. Though I was not spending the day with my family in Portland, I enjoyed spending the day with Trev’s. We woke Mr. Amari up around 9:30 a.m. (bless his little heart, he let ma and pa sleep in for a change!). He had no idea what was going on. We sat him down on our chocolate brown sectional and handed him his new pal Scout that his Great Auntie Pam had given him for Christmas. We pushed his left paw and Scout said, “Hi Amari”. The look on Amari’s face was priceless. It was the “how-does-he know-my-name” look. Trev and I had spent thirty minutes programming Scout the night before. He now knows Amari’s name, says his name correctly, and knows his favorite color which is blue and his favorite food which happens to be sweet potatoes. He even sings cute songs and spells out Amari’s name. 

Amari and his new pal Scout
The funny thing about unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning was that Amari was more interested in the brightly colored wrapping paper than the gifts! He kept trying to eat the paper. He seemed pretty happy when we pulled out his new sippy cup from Santa though. He likes to chew on them. He got lots of socks, new teethers, clothes, and some new books.

Trev and I decided to get each other a gift or two and stocking stuffers mostly. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my gift and had a brand new Nokia camera. Trev and the Lord only know how much I complained about the crappy Olympus camera that we had! He even got me a scrapbook that I can make on Shutterfly and a tripod to take family photos. Thanks love! =]

I have no idea what I am going to do scrapbook wise seeing as I’ve been going Green with the scrapbook that I am making for Amari’s first year. I have recycled all of the cards I received at my baby showers and cards that were given to Amari as gifts after he was born. I can figure that all out later though.

I ended up giving Trev a new pair of Adidas and two new shirts. He seemed pretty happy with the shoes. His sister helped me pick them out.

A.J. was a little cranky but he was super happy when we put him in his car seat and headed over to Grandma B and Grandpa Steve’s house. We opened gifts and ate a delicious breakfast scramble with sausage, ham, and egg. Trev’s mother Betsy  is an amazing cook and we always look forward to meals at there house. 

Footie Pajama Party at Grandma's house!
We all spent our evening with Nana and Papa at their house on Ken Lake. The Hahn cousin’s and Great Auntie Pam also joined us. Nana sent Trev and I on a scavenger hunt all over the house for one of our gifts which happened to be a new car seat for A.J. We stuffed our faces, mingled, and enjoyed each others company. 

 All in all, our first Christmas as a family of three was great. Christmas went smoothly and family time was great.

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